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  • In a small village, the local don was known for his big cock and insatiable sexual appetite. He was feared by many, but desired by all. One day, he captured a prisoner from a rival gang and brought her back to his hideout. The prisoner, a skanky milf named Miya, was initially terrified of the don's reputation. But as he began to engage in erotic acts with her, she couldn't resist his charm and dominance. As they explored each other's bodies, the don's hot step sister , Scarlett Rose, walked in on them. She was shocked at first, but couldn't deny her own arousal. The three of them indulged in a steamy threesome, with Miya and Scarlett competing for the don's attention. It was a wild and unforgettable night, with the don proving why he was the most powerful and desirable man in the village. Miya and Scarlett couldn't get enough of his big cock and begged for more, solidifying their place as his loyal subjects. Little did they know, the don had plans to make them his permanent playthings, with Miya becoming his new favorite pornstar, and Scarlett his devoted submissive. The village would never be the same again, with the don's erotic acts becoming the talk of the town, and Miya and Scarlett always by his side, ready to fulfill his every desire.
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